Maths in Year 5

The maths national curriculum for year 5 aims to challenge children to build upon their previously learnt knowledge. They’ll dive deeper and learn how to complete calculations with increasingly larger numbers, memorise equivalences between metric units and common imperial units, distinguish between regular and irregular polygons and more.

While solving trickier maths problems, pupils will be challenged to improve their problem-solving skills, reasoning and fluency, while developing a mastery understanding of the topics.

Year 5 Curriculum Overview

Maths in Year 6

A wide variety of maths concepts will help develop children’s ability to complete complex maths calculations and their number sense.

They will also study practical aspects of maths, such as using charts, measuring length, converting between time units and more. These will help children understand how useful maths is in real life.

The year 6 pupils will sit the statutory SATs exams in May. These assessments are in line with the curriculum and track children’s attainments.

Year 6 pupils sit 3 SATs maths papers, which are:

  • 1 arithmetic paper: it includes fixed response questions, which test children’s ability to complete maths calculations.
  • 2 reasoning papers: these include a mix of calculation and problem solving type questions.  Children are also tested on their ability to draw shapes, understand graphs and more.

Year 6 Curriculum Overview