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Mrs Hamm

Class Teacher

Miss Botterill

Learning Support Assistant

Linford Class

In Linford Class we recognise how important the early years of school are and believe it is a privilege to have in input in these crucial developmental years. We work hard to provide an enriching and engaging environment in which children learn through a combination of adult and child led activities. As we know the important role parents play we work in close collaboration with you to ensure your child is happy and successful throughout their time in Linford.

A little bit about Mrs Hamm…

My personal passion is dancing and I have medals in ballroom and latin. My favourite dance is the Argentine Tango and I have even been known to show a few of my dance moves in assemblies when asked! In Linford class we like our learning to be fun,  inspiring and full of wow moments. We aim to help children  become caring, independent individuals who see school as a safe and exciting place to be.

A little bit about Miss Botterill…

My degree is in Art and Design and this is something I remain very interested in, in fact I can often be found with a pencil drawing at home. I like finding ways to engage children in art too and plan activities to do so in the classroom and in the clubs I run. I also really enjoy supporting small group work, particularly in writing.

Lessons for Monday 22.2.2021

Literacy: describing a setting.

Today you are going to be a cave explorer. Watch the PowerPoint about caves and write about what you can see, hear, feel or smell. Remember it is a real cave so no dragons!!

Lesson Presentation Describing The Setting

Maths: EYFS, 3D shapes.

Watch the slides and then go on a 3DShape hunt around your house.

3 D Shapes

Year 1: complete the work set by Miss Ma. This has been uploaded to the class teams page.

Topic: Materials,

Art: create a cave using a variety of materials.

Storytime with Miss Ma.


Lessons for Tuesday 23.2.2021

Literacy: writing a list.

Lesson Presentation Danger Keep Out

Write a list of all of the things you need to wear and take with you when you enter the cave.

Maths: year 1, 10’s and 1’s. Complete the work set by Miss Ma.


3 D Shape 2

Watch the PowerPoint and name the shapes with paint splattered on them.

Topic: you will be sharing the results of the experiments you did on different materials on Monday.

Creative task: make your cave using a variety of different materials.

Lessons for Wednesday 24.2.2021

Literacy: character descriptions.

Lesson Presentation Planning The Animal Hunt 2

When you have watched the PowerPoint I would like you to go into the cave to find the bear! What does it look like? What is it doing? How did you feel?

Maths: Year 1, 10’s and 1’s. complete the task set by Miss Ma.

EYFS: find 3D objects around the house and explore which ones are best for stacking and which ones are best for rolling. Do some shapes stack and roll?

Topic: Bingo!!

Spelling test/phonics.

Story time with Miss Ma.


Lessons for Thursday 25.2.2021

Literacy: writing a letter.

Dear Mayor

Watch the PowerPoint and write to The Mayor telling him that you have captured the bear so the cave is safe. Remember to tell him how you caught the bear and where the bear is now.

Maths: EYFS, 3D Shape.

Shape School 2Shape School 2

Watch the PowerPoint, can you find out who has got off the bus?

Year 1, complete the work set by Miss Ma.




Lessons for Friday 26.2.2021.

Literacy: creative writing.

T T 252666 Here We Go On A Big Bear Hunt Song Powerpoint (1)

Sing a long to the PowerPoint and then create your own story hunting an animal of your choice.

Maths: year 1 complete the work set by Miss Ma.

EYFS: Talk about 3 D Shapes.

Talk About Shapes

Watch the PowerPoint and discuss the 3D Shapes you can see. How many cubes? How many cylinders? etc.


Celebration assembly.

Free time to find 3 D Shapes in your garden and house.

Lessons for Monday 1.3.2021

Literacy: listen to the story of Goldilocks and The 3 Bears then write about your favourite breakfast. Remember to add some interesting adjectives.

Maths: year 1, 1 more,1less. Complete the work set by Miss Ma.

EYFS: days of the week.

Days Of The Week 2

Watch the slides and then answer the dinosaurs questions at the end.

Topic: St Davids Day.

T T 266567 St David PowerPoint Ver 1

Watch the story of St David and then go online to find out how this special day is celebrated in Wales.

Write down some of the facts you found and illustrate your writing with some beautiful daffodils.